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Forest dies dream

DREAM - Forest dies dream I was watching some surfing. It was coming to the end of the day and I decided to head home. One last big wave came and it covered over my ankles. It was an exciting wave.

I then turned the headland and the sea water from this wave had swept over the hill and started to cover this field. This salt water poisoned the field and I could see before my eyes and hear the screams of these trees as they were dying. It had an epic feel to it. The screams were piercing. In the field was this bus stop.

This dream was posted on on the April 14, 2012, 04:06 by piercing scream. It was viewed 2 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis. Its been a big shock to me. I was very sporty just a short time ago. I have always been very active.

BTW - I have always been into surfing and the dream took me back to just a year or so ago.

Recently I have started using buses a lot in order to rest my legs.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Sorry to hear about your illness. I feel that the dream could well be about this. Overall the dream probably captures this shock to the system. It takes you from a point when you were quite sporty (surfing) to something that represents your new life ... waiting for buses.

So the dream has pinpointed two things which clarify just how you think about this issue. Just a short while ago things seemed to sporty and yet now you have been struck down by pain and discomfort.

Piercing screams bring to life the dramatic and epic changes in your life. Its not telling you anything that you do not know. Its just clarifying how you feel about this major change to your life

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