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Dream - beautiful scene as horse is put down

THE DREAM - I am watching a horse being put down. It is a beautiful scene. There is total respect for the horse. It is a race horse. The trainer is there along with the vet. There is a sense of real calm.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had made a determined effort to slow down in life. He wanted a much more calmer existence. He had been living a wild hedonistic life and realised he needed to slow down.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams tend to link to events from the day before. Its always best to check if anything important happened the day before or if any new ideas had been forming in the dreamers mind. The night before the dreamer had been thinking long and hard about his life. He realised that his tendency to live life at a fast pace was rather self destructive. He knew he needed to slow down. That's an important event in the dreamers own mind and certainly could trigger a dream. Just how could such a thought link to this?

Horses tend to link to passions and wildness. So the horse could easily represent the dreamers own tendency to live life in the fast lane. The horse was a race horse which tends to reinforce this symbolism. If the horse dies then it could signify the death of such a lifestyle within the dreamers own life. The horse is being put down - a controlled act. So the horse being put down could link to the dreamer acting in a controlled an rational way to curtail his own hedonism.

In addition the dream is linked to a sense of calmness and beauty. That is mirroring what the dreamer wishes to achieve. He felt a slower paced life would help him enjoy the world in new ways. It would allow him to be more calm and tranquil.

Symbolic Meanings
CALM : "the bad habits that the dreamer had been getting into"
HORSE : "The dreamers tendency to live a wild hedonistic lifestyle"
HORSE PUT DOWN : "a need to control the dreamers wilder tendencies"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I tend to be too hedonistic. I know its quite self destructive though and I need to slow down. I have been making a determined effort to do this ".

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