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Journal or Diaries being sold

THE DREAM I dreamed that I was going to drop a letter off to someone that I am really interested in. I went to her college to the dorm where she stays at. I wanted to just drop the letter off into her box and leave. When I walked into the dorm I see what kind of appears to be a co-ed dorm and there are few guys standing around a table with tons of books on them. I see one guy holding numbers and putting them with the books. I got the feeling that all these books are diaries that the college women there had lost and they were helping them find their diaries. Well I walk around the table and see that the name of the owner has been sticky noted to the books and that they are all alphabetized, but I keep going and come up to the A's and I see a persons name that was just like the person I am interested in but the last names where different. I then get this feeling that I need to ask if her book is in the stack, so I ask one of the guys if her book is in there? He responds, yeah, sure and hands the books to me. He then tells me that the books are a dollar a piece. I think there were 7 books. I was about to just buy the book because I wanted to give them back to her and also I really wanted to get to know her maybe through those books. I then see her walk in with a friend of hers and we exchange hello's and I made a joke with her but she didn't really laugh it was more of giggle. I then show her the books that I found them and she told me that she was selling them. I looked back at the table for a moment and then look back at her and I see that her hair that was medium length was now cut short like a guys hair style. She looked really bad then and not herself. Her friend kept eyeing me through this as showing interest, and after I saw her hair cut I see the person I am interested in walk off to go out and her friend turns to me and touches my shoulder and smiles and walks off with her. I then decided to just take the books since they belonged to her and not pay for them but when I got outside she was still there and she got upset that I walked out with them and wanted me to put them back. That's when it ended.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I had been invited to go to a dance with the person I am interested in and before I went felt like things were being forced to happen. Showed up late and didn't know how to dance. At the event didn't get to talk to her that much because she was running the event so it wound up me being alone, or her introducing me to friends of hers, men and women. I could really use some help understanding this dream. If anybody has some understanding would be great help thanks!

Posted at October 5, 2012, 15:05 by Brave27 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 6, 2012, 02: 6: 06)
Well the woman you met in real life is what has caused the dream

DIARY: The diary here is a symbol of getting to know how she thinks.. its about you wanting to get to know her personally

FRUSTRATED: In the dream you are distinctly frustrated. I would leave it at that. The dream has just caught this key feeling about how the previous night went... it made you just want to walk out... and its also linked to this other feeling of wanting to get to know her ... her inner thoughts...

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