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Dream analysis - cannot recognize members of church

THE DREAM - I dreamed that I was in a church and all of my friends from high school were at the altar with their children (these were new born babies), all being held by their parents. I assumed we were at a Christening (baby Dedication Service). I could only however make out one face of a classmate but everyone else there I knew.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just received some disturbing news relating to his church.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams represent the internal workings of the mind. As we move through life we constantly assess and reassess our opinions about everything. Dreams represent new trends in our thinking. Try to spot the new thoughts as they trigger dreams. In this case the dreamer had just heard some disturbing news about his church. So its likely that he was reassessing his thoughts about the church.

In this case its easy to translate the dreams meaning. The dreamer cannot recognize people properly. Try to see this metaphor in its wider sense. In this case the dreamer was having doubts about his fellow church goers. Previously he had seen them in a certain way - trusting and believing in them. Now he was viewing them in a new way. So the dream represents this new feeling.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CHURCH: "The dream is possibly about church in some way"
RECOGNIZE: "The dreamer is wondering how much he can trust and really know people from his church."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I have heard some disturbing news about my church. I was always able to trust everyone there. Now I wonder - how much do you really know anyone?"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the dreamers insight relating to his church.

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