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Swamp - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I am then in some swamp area. There is a slug moving around me. A bee comes near me but I avoid it. I am in some long room. It appears to have lots of people. There is Terry Marsh there. He is dressed in some very odd clothes. He has a jumper on and a weird hat. I am then in some car in the back seat. There are some TVs there. There are three of them(reminds me of Elvis).

THE REALITY The dreamer had been sat at home for too long. He had been watching TV and just not doing anything and felt depressed.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Numerous symbols linked to the previous day when the dreamer did not get out of the house much. He was getting jaded by his lack of exercise and needed some fresh air. The TVs reminded the dreamer of Elvis Presley who had several TVs and yet despite all his luxury died an unhappy unfit man. The slug is a symbol connected with slow moving events or a lack of resolve or initiative.

The Bee symbolises hard work and keeping busy - "the busy Bee". In this case the dreamer avoided the Bee so that signified how he had avoided exercise.

Water symbolises your emotional resolve or involvement in the world. The clearer and fresher the water the better. But in this case this is stagnant and swamped water signifying lack of clear resolve. Perhaps this shows how the dreamers tiredness and listlessness was affecting him in other ways - he felt less creative and imaginative.

The man in the dream is probably a synonym - with the marsh symbolising the muddy and unclear thinking in his mind. The dreamer was also getting grouchy and bad tempered. The weird clothes possibly symbolise the strange mood he was in. Clothes symbolise how other people see us and several people had noticed some signs of odd behavior.

The car is a symbol of your day to day progress towards your goals. In this case the dreamer was in the back seat which is not a good sign and shows lack of clear control. This signified how the lack of exercise was clearly affecting the dreamer in every aspect of his life.

The dream was just a wake up call to do better. The dreamer recognised the need to exercise and freshen up his mind.

Symbolic Meanings
BACK SEAT : "not in control of the direction your life is going - in this case the dreamer is stuck in a rut"
BEE : "a need to get involved in something - as busy as a bee"
CAR : "the dreamer direction in life"
ELVIS : "Elvis was famed for getting old and out of shape and had three TVs which he watched simultaneously"
MARSH : "getting stuck"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I need to get out today. I have been stuck in a rut just watching TV. I need to get out in the fresh air a little."

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