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Engagement ring dream

Something that happens in a dream can translate into a strong emotion or crucial thought process. A dream where the dreamer is not wearing her wedding ring translated into a real life feeling "I am determined to show him that I will leave him."

I dreamt of my hand. I was talking to a male person, whether I knew them or not, I cannot confirm. In my dream, it's only him and I and you can only see the top half of our bodies. and the background was white, as if we were in a white room.

There was like a shelf or a table, white, which I was using to lean on. I had my arms crossed on it and I was leaning on this shelf.

I then see my hands and notice that I'm wearing a large dress ring, one of those fashionable ones, it was huge flower ring, one which I actually have in reality. You can't see me and the man any more, it just focuses on my 2 hands. In my dream I know that I'm meant to be wearing rings on my finger and notice that I no longer wear an engagement ring. The man also notices that my engagement ring is missing and asked me about it, but I couldn't reply or give an explanation as to why it was missing. I look at my hands again and this time I don't have any rings on and it's just my two hands spread out with a white background. Also, the whole time I see my hand, it's only the back of my hands that you can see.

The dreamer was in a relationship but it was going through a bad patch. She was determined to show him that she was willing to leave if he did not sort him self out.

The dream has the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. Engagement rings in dreams often link to issues of commitment. An engagement ring which is not on may link to issues surrounding commitment or a lack of commitment.
2. The face to face nature of the dream between a man and woman clearly could relate to some key feelings concerning a relationship between a man and woman. It could represent a need to sort out problems and address issues.
3. ARMS CROSSED: Having your arms crossed is a very clear indication of mood. It can show you showing an unwillingness to accept everything someone says. It is an oppositional form of body language.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is easy to see how the dream could relate to the recent concerns the dreamer had about her live in boyfriend. The dream merely depicts this key thought and her willingness to give up the relationship if he did not improve his ways. The dream deals with the following themes:
- A willingness to end the relationship
- A need to talk seriously and address relationship issues.

If you weave together these two themes then we find that the dream could capture the following feeling -" I am trying to make clear to him that I am perfectly willing to leave if he does not sort himself out. I know that we have been together for several years but he really does have to change."

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