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Flying in plane over the mountain

THE DREAM Last night I dreamed of flying in an small aeroplane with wife and daughter (as a kid), plane was shaking while flying, landed safely at the airport and checked out where they marked me as to ask serious questions.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Previous day I was talking 5 hours with a lady friend about different aspects of life and asked to support and encourage each other to finish our PHD thesis soon.

Posted at February 14, 2012, 13:02 by bdallakoti (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED February 15, 2012, 03: 3: 04)
Well I am assuming that the dream is about this conversation. But how could the symbolism work? The dream won't tell you much - it will be a symbolic version of thoughts you are all too aware of.

If you have agreed to support and help each other then how could a dream symbolize that. If a plane is unsteady then that could symbolise your need for support.

Planes tend to link to priorities - they can represent ambitions. Your agreement to support each other then that's a long term aim.

The dream features wife and daughter. Your friend is female. Marriage is all about support and encouragement. That's a clear link to your situation. The child could represent your PHD thesis. That's something that you are 'nurturing'

Dreams are often just assessments of the situation - I think it captures this feeling

"We both recognise our need for support (as the journey is a bit shakey)."

Its difficult to say what the dream means exactly. The wife could be a symbol for romantic interest. It could be your minds way of assessing just what this agreement to support means.

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