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Throw knife and kill guard - dream

This dreamer was able to understand a dream about knives by thinking about issues which involved confrontation from the day before.

THE DREAM I was killing people by throwing knives at them. But my friend was like a guard. I would hide behind her and when the people I were to kill were looking for me, I would half pop out and throw knives at them and kill them. At one point in the dream the people told her to move and she wouldn't, like she was protecting me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had a mini argument with her friend in the dream. She spoke to her about something which upset her earlier that day at school. The dreamer told her friend that she barely knows her. Yet her friend gave a confusing reaction in that she gave no reaction at all.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is amazing how often dreams link up to the day before and some feeling on your mind about events that have just happened. So when it is clearly shown that something happened the day before its worth looking through the symbols to see if they correspond in some way to the thoughts going on in your mind.

This dreamer felt that she was not understood by her friend and was not offered support from her. Its interesting to ask the question - just how would such thoughts actually be symbolised in a dream? Its not an easy thought process to put into dream symbols.

Well lets have a look!

The dream features the friend acting like a guard. Guards are a symbol of protection. Clearly that could link up to reality as the dreamer wishes for her friend to support her and help her in the troubles in life.

People in dreams often link to issues involving behavior. They ask questions about how we are acting or how other people are acting. That's clearly a relevant symbol here as the dreamer was confused by her friends behavior. It was clearly inappropriate behavior for a loyal friend.

Symbolic Meanings
GUARD : "The dreamer wants help and support from her friend"
KILL : "a wish to kill off some behavior "
KNIFE : "the dreamers issues and disputes at school"
PEOPLE : "a dream about how people should behave - specifically the dreamer has been thinking about how her friend should behave"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am so annoyed at my friend. I was really angry at what happened at school. She did not behave in the way I would expect a friend to react".

See how the Symbolic meanings portray a key insight into her friends behavior.

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