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Topless shoot - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - One of the people high up in the company I work for was mentioning his wife was going to do a topless shoot for the Daily Mail.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had taken a day off claiming sickness but this was a false claim.

THE INTERPRETATION If you have been thinking about something in particular then it can easily cause a dream. It is just a matter of working out what the symbolism means.But what does the dream mean?

The symbolism of the dream is odd. How can we link a naked photo shoot to feeling guilty for taking a day off? It is unusual. The dream is about one of the people higher up so that's a really strong connection. If someone is going to catch you out it's your boss or someone higher up.

What would you do if someone mentioned that their wife was going to do a topless photo shoot? Some might think it hugely interesting and hilarious. Other's might be extremely embarrassed. That maybe the link. The dreamer might be feeling embarrassed about talking to his bosses because of the fear they might say something.

The dream also features nudity. Maybe that is a clue. That may link to his fear that the truth may be exposed, like the woman's breasts.

Another thought may link to this being embarrassing and something that the person would keep secret, like the dreamer is trying to keep his day off sick hidden. That is the best link and maybe suggests a thought like "we have all got ‌things that we keep secret. It's not like I am going to talk about it."

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