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A ridiculed king dream

Dreams can feature bad wordplays. This dream seems to use a "Tuesday" as a wordplay for the bad choices that the dreamer had made (Tuesday being a play on words on "choose").

THE DREAM - There is a king who is being ridiculed. He is just a ordinary person not someone special. He wears just an ordinary black suit. The people are telling him that they will see next Tuesday.

THE REALITY The dreamer had cut himself off from some friends. He was annoyed at them acting in a bossy way so he decided to just prize back the power and simply cut them off. This made him feel as if he was in control. He particularly felt powerless during the earlier problems but felt a real sense of being in control when he cut them off.

THE INTERPRETATION Overall the dream caught these feelings - "I am was annoyed by them acting in a bossy way so I just cut them off. It gave me a real sense of being in control and made me feel better. But I really miss them and it was a complete over reaction. It was a bad choice."

The first part of the dream was easy to understand. The king represented the dreamer and his attempts to take control of the situation. By cutting off his friends he was King - wielding complete power. The dream does hint at this being a bad decision. The king is just some ordinary person no one special or important.

The reference to Tuesday was quite interesting. This had no significance to the dreamer. It could actually have been a play on words. Tuesday can be pronounced choose day which hint at a meaning which was relevant. The 'Tuesday' suggests that this was a bad choice and one he would not make again.

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