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Dream interpretation - bedside commode

Scientists simply sweep away dreams like this as coincidence.

THE DREAM I dreamt that someone I knew was in the hospital. I could see the room clearly and near the window was a bed side commode. I also remember that I seen the bed but couldn't see the person in it. Anyway it was disturbing and I too wondered about the dream for the next few days.

THE REALITY Later that next week the dreamers family received a phone call telling them that her uncle was in the hospital. So they drove to New Mexico to see him. Oddly the room that he was in was the exact room that I had seen in the dream. She had never been in that particular hospital either. She was freaked out in a sense but her uncle asked her the strangest question. He said Renee " you seen this didn't you?" At that point she was freaked out even more. Yet he held her hand and said that she had a gift but not to tell many people because they would discount her story.

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