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Grandfather smiles and talks - premonition

THE DREAM My grandfather was terminally ill at the time, so his death was not a surprise. However, I had a dream on night that I was at his bedside in my grandparent's house. He look sick and gaunt, just like the last time I saw him. All of a sudden his eyes fluttered open and his face began to regain color, fullness, and his eyes were beautiful. He sat up, Took me by the shoulder and told me I was a good girl and not to get married until I finished school. He also said something about not giving up. He smiled and gave me a kiss and I hugged him tightly. Then I woke up and the phone rang immediately as I opened my eyes. It was my mother calling to tell my my grandfather passed away about 15-20 minutes ago. It was a very intense and realistic dream and I wrote down exactly what he said and what happened. I just thought it was odd timing.

THE INTERPRETATION Its difficult to prove entirely if this was a premonition or telepathy as this dreamer was fully expecting her grandfather to die soon. But many people see such coincidences as evidence of something extra sensory. I would class this as possible telepathy. But it is really up to the reader to judge for themselves.

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