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Telepathy - dream analysis

THE DREAM My daughter and I had the same recurring dream. Neither of us realized it until she overheard me telling my husband about it one evening. All events were the same except whenever she went to check on the door in her version of the dream, she seen me already there checking it, and I never seen her at all in my own version of the dream.

THE REALITY Dreams are often deeply symbolic. Premonitions are often very easy to work through as they refer to something concrete that happens in real life. Telepathy dreams are often more difficult to work out. These similar dreams obviously mean something but what it is difficult to work out. Perhaps the way the mother checks the locks is symbolic of wishing for her home and life to be stable and secure. There appears to be some form of syncronicity going on here. In this case its difficult to work out what. Often with such dreams we have an inner knowledge and belief that these are telepathic dreams.

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