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Feeling angry upset and demon - premonition dream

THE DREAM I had this dream early. It made me very upset and I couldn't shake the feelings of horror and frustration and helplessness for hours.

I am in a strange house - not mine nor is it similar to anyone's I know. The walls are light gray; the carpet is light gray; in the bathroom the tiles are light gray. In this house are several people who are familiar but not quite real people. There are a group of 4-5 pre-teen kids, including one that seems to be my brother (who is certainly not that age any longer). There are a few adults there as well, including one that seems to be a cross between my mother and my husband's grandmother, who recently passed away - yet this person is neither of them and I get the feeling that I really don't know the people in this house. There are three main areas in the house where my dream takes place: a large living room type room (where the "adults" congregate); a bedroom (which is distinctly mine); and a bathroom. There seems to be no direct light source anywhere in any room; the light just seems indistinct and grayish. The bedroom is large but empty except for a bed area - layers of blankets on the floor, that also hang from the ceiling to form a sort of canopy. On the sides of this canopy are stands of brightly colored round beads interspersed with thin, cylindrical white beads. There are stuffed animals and figurines, etc. nestled within this bed area. The bedding itself is white and gray and very soft; the main quilt or covering (including what is attached to the ceiling and above my head is a deep red satiny fabric. During the course of this dream, I am overwhelmed with a dreadful sense of urgency, I need to get ready for something and leave this place (possibly for work?) and I also have to care for a "baby", but whether this "baby" is a human baby or a baby animal is unclear, I can never get a clear look at it. No one is willing to help me. I need to take a shower, but the bathroom has been utterly destroyed by the preteen brats, who have plugged up the toilet and clogged the shower and there's 6 inches of water in the bathroom. I am angry at this but the kids just laugh at me. Then they take the "baby" and throw it into the water, which fills me with shock and terror. I search through the water (which is dark and has lots of garbage floating in it) to rescue the "baby". I explode in rage and chase after the kids and yell at them for treating the "baby" in such a terrible way. They just laugh at me. I go to the other "adults" and plead with them to discipline the kids for (1) destroying the bathroom and (2) for trying to drown the "baby". The adults laugh at me and dismiss my anger as if it were nothing. Disgusted and anxious because I need to get ready, I return to my bedroom and find that the kids have placed the "baby" in my bed and dumped water and garbage all over it. Furious, I take care of the "baby" and clean up the mess, everything is soaked. I manage to take a shower and get ready. Finally, I emerge from the bathroom, and the kids are gone. It seems to be late in the day, like evening. It seems like it is darker. In the main room now are both of my sisters-in-law, and a few other people that I don't recognize. Disconcerted, I return to the bedroom, which now has more furniture in it, such as shelves, a desk and a chair. Everything has frilly ruffles and lots of cutesy things that suggest it was meant for a little girl or something. Suddenly, my sister-in-law comes in to the bedroom and starts rambling. I notice while she is babbling that certain things are missing from the room. I ask her where the "baby" is. She says she doesn't know. She leaves the room and I begin to frantically search for the "baby". I also notice that several of my possessions are broken or defaced. Somehow I know that my sister in law has something to do with it all. I confront her. She gets very angry, how can I accuse her of such things, all that sort of stuff. I return to my bedroom. I am laying across my bed on my stomach, racking my brain to figure out what happened to the "baby" and why is my sister in law doing all these things to me. Suddenly, my sister in law comes running into my bedroom, jumps on my back, grabs me around the neck, and forces a pill into my mouth. It is very bitter and I somehow know that it is poison. I spit it out and grab her as she tries to run away and hold her down. I show her the pill and ask her why is she trying to hurt me? She tells me that I deserve it and that she's not sorry that she destroyed my things or that she hid the "baby" or that she tried to poison me. She says that she's happy that I know she wants to kill me and that she will never give up trying to hurt me in any way she can. I ask her why, why is she doing this? I tell her that J**, my husband & her brother, will be angry with her for doing all this. She says she doesn't care, it's for his own good. She struggles and tries to get free but I hold her still. I even punch her and put my hands around her neck to hold her still. She laughs and tried to shove another pill in my mouth. She tells me it's poison and that she wants me to die. I tell her that I will show J** the pills as proof of what she's doing. She laughs again and says that she will tell him that I tried to poison her and that he will believe her, not me. Then she says that I don't deserve to have nice things and I don't deserve to have J** as my husband. She says that he will be happy when I am dead. I tell her that J** won't believe her, that he will believe me. She laughed like a demon in my face, then I woke up. I was sweating and my stomach was in knots when I woke up. Please note that I have absolutely no problems with my family or my in-laws, we are a very close family, although my

THE REALITY The day of the dream the sister in law who appeared in the dream contacted the dreamer and asked her for some money.

THE INTERPRETATION Premonitions can feature remarkable syncronicity. And premonitions can link to very specific time periods. In most cases premonitions are about the very day of the dream. So any important events linking to the actual day of the dream are always worth noting. But in this dream they also deal with someone who appears in the dream(the sister in law).

The home is often symbolic of your own personality. The various rooms deal with various parts of your life. The shower will tend to link with your ability to cleanse yourself of bad feelings - to wash away frustrations. The bedroom is also an intensely personal symbol. So activity in these too rooms will often deal with personal frustrations and issues that are taken very personally.

Money is always an issue that can cause trouble. So that issue is certainly one that could cause havoc. It divides the wife and husband in that the wife may not wish to support the husbands side of the family in the same way that she would come to the rescue of her own family.

The dream features general havoc within the dreamers home and that is pretty much what the real life issue caused in the dreamers own mind. Its probably difficult to say what each specific symbol links to in this premonition but it all seems to fit together.

The poison in the dream is certainly very telling. On the very day of the dream her relationship with her sister in law was certainly poisoned. Previously she was sympathetic towards her sister in laws troubles. But when someone starts to ask for money then that sympathy can often disappear. So perhaps the dream actually picks up on a relationship that has been soured. It captures the change in relationship. Previously the dreamer felt able to show her sympathy but as soon as the problem became her own and she was expected to donate money to help this sister in law then her feelings changed.

The dream also deals with adults and children so perhaps the dream is about responsibility. Having to look after a baby that is not your own suggests that the dream is linked to some feeling of burden. So together the baby and the adults suggests that the dreamer is glimpsing the next day and how her sister in laws burdens and responsibilities have suddenly shifted and become hers.

Symbolic Meanings
ADULT : "accepting responsibility - the dreamers sister in law needs to accept responsibility for her own situation"
BABY : "having a problem dumped on you"
BED : "a very private symbol - the dreamers sister in law makes a very personal appeal for help"
DROWN : "overwhelmed by issue"
LITTLE GIRL : "the sister in law - little girl lost and in need of help"
POISON : "this situation poisons the relationship"
STUFFED ANIMALS : "a simplistic view of love"
YELL : "need to express anger"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this dream is a premonition of the next day. My sister in law asked me for some money to help sort out some troubles. This was getting out of hand and I really did not want to help. Before she asked for money I had been quite sympathetic"

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