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The 'psychic' dream of Sitting Bull and Little Bighorn

Throughout history dreams have been seen as premonitions. Sitting Bull had this dream on the eve of a great victory. Who knows if these are really premonitions - there are probably lots of dead soldiers who had dreams of a great victory.

PSYCHIC DREAM I heard a voice say "I have given you these soldiers because they have no ears". Soldiers were falling upside down from the sky into the Indian camp.

THE REALITY Days later General Custer was defeated at the battle of the Littlebighorn

DREAM INTERPRETATION This is often seen as a psychic vision. That maybe the case. Its never easy to determine if a dream is a premonition. This dream could easily have been a normal dream. In many ways it could have simply been a rehearsal dream - the dreamer was dreaming what he wanted to do and how he wanted things to turn out. The voice provided a justification for the Native Americans war. The soldiers had no ears - they did not listen. This perfectly summed up the Native American perspective - they felt as if they were not listened to.

The dream works either way as a premonition or ordinary dream. It is impossible to determine which is the most accurate meaning.

dream dictionary meanings
SOLDIERS FALL :"An indication of the imminent defeat?"
SOLDIERS FALL :"A wish to defeat the enemy?"
NO EARS :"The soldiers and Government did not listen to the Native Americans opinions."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I believe this to be a precognitive dream showing the defeat of General Custer"

See how the dreams symbols portray a possible precognitive event and also portray the Native American perspective

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