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Dream - Broken bottle of perfume

THE DREAM - Years ago I dreamed I had a very cool bottle of perfume that I really loved, and it slipped thru my fingers and broke on the floor. I cried really hard, and woke up still sad.

THE REALITY Two weeks later the guy the dreamer was in love with died in a motorcycle accident. He always made her feel very beautiful and special.

THE INTERPRETATION Scientists and sceptics will always try to say how a dream which is seen as a premonition is just coincidence. However, dreams do seem to hit the nail on the head.

This dream is unusual in its choice of metaphor. If it is a premonition then its not an obvious metaphor. Yet the broken bottle of perfume could be a symbol for the death of the dreamers love.

Perfume makes a woman feel special and beautiful, just in the same way her love made her feel special.

What makes this feel like a premonition is the dreamers response. She woke up crying. The dream obviously connects to some deep feelings.

This dream would probably not convince a sceptic. It does not mention the dreamers love in any way.

However, I take the opposite view. I have read many dreams which are convincing premonitions. I feel that premonitions are proven facts. This dream has the look and feel of a premonition.

Perfume is associated with "feeling special" and "feeling beautiful" which is exactly the same what her love made her feel (he was always very sexy and made her feel special). So the broken bottle of perfume is actually a well chosen metaphor.

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