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Dream - impossible schedule

THE DREAM - I was having to do somxtree kind of exam. There had been delays and disruptions to this. I was complaining to the other people that I could not possibly do an exam from 1 till 9 pm. It was simply too long. No one could be expected to last out that long. It is unfair to be set such a schedule.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been suffering from extreme tiredness. He could not sustain himself at top pace all day long. He kept telling people of his failing health but felt that people were not taking this seriously. The dreamer thought back to when he was young and did have to undergo two exams in one day. He was worn to the bone. Doing one three hour exam in a day was almost impossible even then. Writing so much in such a short period really pushed you to the limit.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was reminded of the times that he did have two three hour exams in one day. Back then it was a difficult task which left the dreamer worn out. Now the dreamer would find this an impossible task. So this seems a dream about the dreamers age and worsening health. He was no longer able to cope with exam pace schedule. During his school exams he remembered how he did not stop right through three hour exams. He went at top pace for three hours without a moments rest.

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