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Parachute jumping dream

DREAM - Parachute jumping.. My closest friends and some of my past friends and I went to an amusement park. When we got there, we saw some parachutes that you could jump in, and the parachutes would send you as high as you wanted to go! We thought it was neat so we all did it. I felt happy, and so did everyone else, and I never wanted to stop. There was a wooden landing about 70 feet up that you could land on, but when I reached it, I woke up.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I really wanted to have company over, but it was hard lately.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well if you get excited within yourself then your dreams will live out those feelings in the form of fantasies. So if you have not been able to have company round you kind of imagine it that's what this dream is ...

Its not delusional .... when you have lots of energy you need to find an outlet for it. You think of what you would have done if you had company

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