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Walking up huge steep hill - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was in the Falsgrave area of Town. I took a little short cut and ended up on a huge steep hill. I remembered in the dream that this was a hill I had tackled before and it was too steep. This time I felt I could tackle it especially because with this short cut I was only walking up part of the hill.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a hard life. Recently he was improving and was managing to cope with situations that a couple of years before would have been too difficult for him. Now his confidence had improved.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams tend to link to recent thoughts. This dream was quite abstract but it seems to link to a recent thought the dreamer had the night before. He was reflecting over recent improvements in his own personal confidence. He had suffered mental health problems and was continually struggling. This dream seems to capture a recent thought concerning his improvements.

The dream features an uphill road which is almost impossible. Dream symbols translate into particular words in our thoughts. In this case the dream will concern challenges and struggles. Uphill roads link to difficult circumstances that we are facing. In this case the dreamer had faced these challenges before so we can ascertain from that that this dream links to a difficult challenge that the dreamer had faced before. Now he managed to overcome the hill despite the impossible steepness. So we can develop this thought process even more - the dream then could easily represent the following thought "I have faced equally stiff challenges before in my life yet nowadays I can manage to overcome these challenges".

The dream also involves this short cut which means that the dreamer only has to tackle a portion of the huge hill. If we translate this into conceptual thinking we find that it is quite consistent with what the dreamer felt the night before "I was thinking last night how I am having to face very difficult tasks which I lack confidence with. Yet nowadays I am improving and tackling situations that years ago I would have feared. But the more I achieve the easier this becomes". So dreams can develop quite complex thoughts even though they seem silly.

The dream also includes the Falsgrave area of his town. This he knew was a symbol and a pun. Falsgrave involves something which is false. In this case the dreamer had been been slightly depressed at the difficult stiff challenges he had faced. Yet he had been exaggerating the difficulties within his own mind. He had been emphasising his own failures - symbolized by the grave. Yet the dream suggests that this is a false failure - False grave.

Symbolic Meanings
RECOGNISE UPHILL ROAD: "The dreamer is facing challenges which he has tackled before"
UPHILL SHORT DISTANCE: "The dreamer is facing challenges but these uphill challenges are less daunting now he has achieved so much recently"
UPHILL : "the dreamer is facing some difficult tasks recently "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have always lacked confidence but recently I have managed to tackle situations which a couple of years back would have been too daunting for me. The more I manage to achieve the easier it becomes."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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