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Ignoring and avoiding at a party dream

THE DREAM I was at community centre that I used to visit regularly. There was some big party going on. I was there but trying to avoid all the staff. There was sally out of the soap "Home and Away" was there.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was due to go to this community centre the next day. He had fallen out with the staff there but was going the next day just for a few minutes with a friend who had some business there. The dreamer was not looking forward to going there and still wanted to just avoid the staff. He had felt that the place was like a second home and now felt very down about going there. There might be people who would want to talk to him but he was intent on avoiding them. There was someone called Sally who worked at this community centre.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If we know something is going to happen the next day and its on our mind then we start to think about it. We may even start to rehearse what we are going to do and what we are going to say. People say things like "I know what I am going to say when I see him." "Rehearsal dreams" are a similar kind of thing.

Here the dreamer is in "avoidance mode" and that was typical for him and it really just captures the feeling "I am going to ignore them tomorrow."

The character "Sally" was interesting symbolically. The character out of a TV soap seems odd. Yet there was a person called "Sally" who worked at the centre. The dream is probably a way of referring to her. The soap "Home and Away" is maybe a symbol too. This had an obvious meaning for the dreamer who felt of this Community centre like a second Home which he was now away from ("Home and Away"). Dreams will use odd little devices like this.

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