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Dream symbols - hugging university friends

Try to see how dreams represent conceptual emotions - this dream could represent the thought "I miss my old university friends - I must really start to move on."

THE DREAM I was in a lobby in a building in a city and I ran into a close friend of mine from university. We talked for a while and I congratulated him on his recent marriage. When the conversation ended we hugged but it felt like this was the last time we would speak to each other.

[My university friend was very close to me we almost had a romantic relationship but things did not work out. Although the romantic relationship did not work out we still remained close.]

[The building lobby was a place which felt very unfamiliar and cold.]

GUESSWORK The dreamer was thinking back to her university days and missed a lot of her old friends.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. Dreams can often simply replay a strong emotion in your mind. In this case the dreamer had been thinking about university friends the night before and how she missed them. So its fair to assume that the dream is about that.
2. The dream also feels quite cold in places. Also its the last time that the dreamer is going to meet these people. So it could be that the dreamer is starting to put these people into the past.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to dreamers nostalgic mood the day before. The dream deals with the following themes
- The dreamers life at University
- An end of an era.

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture this thought that the dreamer was thinking at the time-"I was thinking about my old University friends last night. I miss them dearly. But times have moved on. Its really in the past now."

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