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Dream chocolate ice cream and ants

THE DREAM I was dreaming about my refrigerator. It was making ice-cream. And it was a chocolate ice-cream like we buy in the shops. I was supposed to collect them and to put them in the fridge so they can stay cold. And a few of them fall to the ground and the ants start grouping around it. So I washed few ice creams to get ants off them.

THE REALITY The dreamer was on holiday at the time and she was looking for enjoyment and light hearted relaxing activities. The dreamer was carefully trying to plan out her holiday experience.

THE INTERPRETATION Chocolate and ice cream are symbols of pleasure. They relate to things which make us feel good but do not necessarily improve and enrich us as people. In this dream they refer to the holiday type activities such a sunbathing and relaxing.

Ants in dreams can be symbols of conformity. On holiday we try to fit in with the holiday type culture. We often do things that we do not do in general. Perhaps the ants symbolize the need to resist the pressures to behave in certain stereotyped ways. This was something that the dream indeed stated. She was no "trying to fit in with the holiday atmosphere ".

The dreamer is very active in making the ice cream. That shows that she is actively planning out and participating in the holiday experience. She wishes to keep her experience fresh and cool(in the fridge). She is making her holiday the type of experience that she wants.

In her holiday she was trying to balance being the need to enjoy and mix in with other people and at the same time be respectful of her friends mother. So the dream was very much about balancing needs.

Symbolic Meanings
ANTS : "conformity - having to do what her friends mom wants to do"
CHOCOLATE : "enjoyment - enjoying her holiday"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present - the dream is about what the dreamer wants from her holiday and restrictions on how she is able to act "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am on holiday with my friend and her mom. I am having to do things which fit in with my friends mom. But there is plenty of time to do what I want to do as well"

See how the symbolic meanings link with an assessment of her present circumstances

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