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Surviving like SAS dream

THE DREAM I was reading or drawing maps. I was up in the hills surviving like the SAS (British Special Forces). I am noting where the fish are. There are these pelican type birds. I place them on the map. Its a lake scene. I was on the Scottish islands studying.

THE REALITY The dreamer(myself) was studying dreams. On the day before he had gone through a new phase. He had a renewed interest in the subject. He had just decided to get connected to the internet at home because this would enable him to study the subject in greater detail.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams often symbolize key thoughts and feelings from the day before. Try jotting down one or two. In this case the dreamer (it was one of my own dreams actually) had been thinking very much of dream interpreting. He was studying the subject with a renewed enthusiasm. He had decided get on the internet at home. This would aid his study of dreams. So how could the dream link to this key thought from the previous day?

The dreamer was studying attentively. This was a direct mirror of real life. He had been studying attentively in real life. So here was an obvious connection between dream and reality. So further exploration of the symbols may verify a connection.

The dream features accurate pictures. These perhaps link to the way the dreamer was trying to describe his dream symbols in great detail. He was trying to make them accurate and realistic.

The Scottish islands are beautiful and fresh places. Perhaps this symbolizes the new and fresh phase in the dreamers study. Exploring the subject in a new and exciting way.

Symbolic Meanings
MAP : "Trying to map out the different dream symbols"
NATURE : "Studying the nature of the mind"
PICTURES : "the dreamers attempts to bring dreams to life"
SCOTTISH ISLANDS : "The dreamer was studying with a renewed vigor."
STUDYING : "The dreamers attempts to study and understand dreams"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been studying dreams. I am studying the subject with renewed vigor right now. "

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