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Dream - exploring building

THE DREAM - I am going somewhere very far away. It is by train to Perth in Scotland. I have written some letter to a computer magazine.

I am in Perth and walking along the higher ground. Its somewhat really difficult as I am not walking on the path but on these really tricky stones. Part pf it collapses as I walk. I stop to enjoy the view. I am am also thinking about train times and how much time I have left there.

Later on I am in some community centre. Its got various rooms such as a lounge type room, a big hall and I am exploring the building. Its got some fashion parade or show on and they are setting up the stage. I see this attractive woman and notice some other women there.

Later I am trying to explore the building more and I am quite high up. I decide I cannot go any further as its too dangerous. I try to head back but get nervous. I am scared of the heights. I am completely frozen - then start to fall.

THE REALITY The dreamer was retired and wanted to get out and meet more friends. He was a little awkward and nervous with meeting new people. The previous evening he thought of going to a local community centre. He knew a very attractive woman who also went there along with some other women. They also had a computer room which he thought he might be interested in. At first he was thinking how well things might go but later he thought about how nervous he got and would probably end up not enjoying it.

THE INTERPRETATION If you have been thinking about something before going to sleep then its often the case that your dreams will link to this issue. In this case the dreamer was thinking about going to a community centre. In the dream he is exploring some kind of community centre. This dream is quite easy to decipher in that it captures the exact feeling that he was thinking about before sleep. He was thinking about going to a local community centre and was wondering how well or badly this would work out. He was wanting to try out computers and in the dream this was featured. He was thinking about some attractive women who regularly go to this community centre and sure enough in the dream attractive women featured. He was also thinking about impressing these women by dressing smartly and the dream featured a fashion show. These are all strong links to the real life issue which caused the dream.

But why was the dream in Scotland. In real life the dreamer was wanting to try out something new and different. Travelling to a new place is symbolic of his attempts to do new things.

The dream ended up quite badly in that the dreamer was stuck on a high ledge suffering from heights and then fell. This was probably a reference to his low confidence and dislike of meeting new people and going to new places. Suffering a fear of heights can symbolise personal anxiety of any kind. If you suffer from heights then you get a nauseous feeling which is very similar to anxiety linked to low confidence.

Overall the dream captures this exact feeling - "I was thinking about going to my local community centre last night. I need to get out and experience new places and people. I know a couple of women there that I fancy. I could dress up and impress them - I like to think of myself as a bit of a sharp dresser. I am also interested in learning about computers and they have a computer room. I was really keen about going but now I am starting to get nervous again. I really do not like meeting new people or going to new places.

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