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Tornado Dream

When you get a tornado dream then look for emotional storms as causes. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about his girlfriends mood swings and tantrums - surely this dream is a metaphor for that.

THE DREAM 2 nights ago I dreamed I was alone in my old home that I lived in during my junior and senior year of high school. I look out the window only to notice the black,cloudy sky and a massive tornado directly behind the house. With little time to prepare, I immediately searched for a closet to seek shelter, but none was in sight. With no other option I took hold of a firm post sitting in a corner and braced myself for the oncoming tornado. While waiting for impact, I frantically prayed "God help me! Please don't let me get pulled in!" I kept telling myself: "Just hold on tight...It will pass over and be over soon." Then the tornado arrived. Windows busting, debris flying everywhere, strong wind pulling me so hard that my whole body levitated off the ground. But my grip on the post was firm. Soon after the tornado passed, clouds cleared, and the sun came out. I went outside and met up with my old friends from the neighborhood and we walked about to observe all the damage. I was so relieved that I had made it. Funny thing is that everyone else in the dream began laughing and joking as if nothing happened at all.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Recently found out that my girlfriend is seven weeks pregnant and I couldn't be more excited. However, the news also overwhelms me when I think about all the responsibility and financial obligations linked with it. In addition, my girlfriend and I recently had an argument about her continuous complaining and mood swings towards me, which we have had arguments about this a year ago before the pregnancy. One minute she says I'm the guy she's always dreamed of and so different from the rest and the next minute she has a bad attitude and making me feel worthless about things that are so miniscule. And I can't think of anything I may have done wrong. I cook every night, clean, work, pay bills, provide love and affection, I just don't know what the problem is. Ever since her pregnancy was confirmed, the mood swings and complaining have gotten worse. I want to be the best boyfriend and dad, but this past week has been so stressful. And I could only imagine it getting worse as the months pass on.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED January 21, 2012, 14: 6: 17)
Well dreams capture the key feelings - the kind of feelings that you would write in a diary or tell to a best friend. Hidden in the symbolism is some emotion or thought which pinpoints and highlights an issue. Actually if I misquote your dream it perfectly highlights what you have told me

"She gets so angry... I have to just HOLD ON TIGHT...It will pass over and be over soon. The thing that gets me though is that very soon she will be LAUGHING and JOKING as if nothing has happened."

So really the two key portions of the dream ... capturing the need to hold on tightly and the laughing and joking capture the strange combination of behaviour... one minute she is all at you and the next things are ok.

The tornado is just a metaphor for her wild mood swings.

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