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Tiger in the boat dream

In real life the dreamer was upset by two lewd messages from a guy left on voicemail. This tiger in a boat is an excellent metaphor for this guy who was just "a little too dangerous for comfort".

DREAM - Tiger in the boat!! I had to clear out of my house to rent it to someone. I was going on a charity trip across the sea with two other guys and a tiger in a large rowing boat. Spent a whole day trying to get organised without success, forgetting all the while about the tiger. Just as I was about to go on the trip, remembered about the tiger, which scared me silly. Then I woke up.

This dream was posted on on the March 26, 2012, 10:01 by Loz. It was viewed 7 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:My neighbour who I thought was a friend had got very drunk and left two lewd messages on my voice mail asking me to call him back. He was obviously having fantasies! I do like him but not what he was suggesting!!!!!!

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : If you had a tiger in a boat it would be very scary - this dangerous animal is too close for comfort. In real life the dreamer did feel someone was "a little too dangerous" as they had just sent some lewd messages on his voicemail. The tiger in a boat metaphor seems quite appropriate.

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