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Dream - busy trip to London

THE DREAM - I was on some trip to London. I was trying to fit everything into a tight schedule. I was busy and rushing but managing quite well. There was a businesslike feel to everything

THE REALITY The dreamer had been trying to set himself deadlines and get more done during his work. He worked for himself so had a tendency to be lazy and could get away with it.

THE INTERPRETATION Often we start to set ourselves goals and on those occasions we might dream about carrying out these tasks during dreams. These are called reheasal dreams because we are rehearsing how we are going to do something. This is especially the case if we are wanting to really set about a task. The night before this dream the dreamer had been thinking how he needed to speed up his work and achieve things much more quickly. The trip to London with him rushing around perfectly caught this mood.

These dreams may set the right tone and show that we have the right attitude. However, its easy to say that you are going to work harder but putting it into practice is not so easy. Someone can have a dream during the night where they are working very hard but when the morning comes they may end up going back to their usual lazy self.

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