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Railway station - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in a railway station. Things seem to be going well. I see a little girl whose father I know(he is interested in horse racing).

THE REALITY The actual day of the dream was the first day of a Horse Race meeting - Royal Ascot at York. This major sporting event was been moved to York just down the road from where the dreamer lives. It was a major and exciting event that was on all the TV and Radio.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "A big event was being held on my doorstep and the whole country was watching. It is quite exciting being the centre of attention. I hope everything goes OK"

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well dreams may well seem to be about one thing and will actually be about another. They may pick up on symbols from around your current life and build them into a story involving some other situation.

The day of this dream was a big day in the region where the dreamer lived. This year Royal Ascot was not being held in Ascot but near where the dreamer lives - York. The mood of excitement was building amongst the local population. The station in the dream seemed like York Railway station. The big worry was that the transport system would not hold up to the huge pressure.

The dream was most likely a premonition of the day ahead. Most premonitions are on the actual day of the dream. Its not unusual for the days emotions to be caught in a dream. Indeed the dream did capture the feeling that everything went smoothly. On the days previous things had not gone smoothly at work. But this day everything went OK. In particular the timetable went to plan.

Its arguable that the dream was about the same subject - the dreamers timetable and schedule and a need for greater planning. The dream works in both cases. If the dream is a premonition then admittedly its a very weak one. But such dreams are usually right in their predications so I would tend to see them a premonitions.

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