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Lions close dream

THE DREAM Two lions! I dreamt that my one daughter and I was in open nature surroundings. Suddenly there were two very large male lions nearby. I knew that we shouldn't try to run and we stood very very quiet and were hardly breathing. One of the lions came so close, he laid next to me and he was heavy against my leg. I could hardly stand with his weight against my leg but I kept standing and they left. Not one of them attacked or bit one of us.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was worrying about the coming day as her ex was due to visit. It was their daughters birthday and he was taking her out. She still cared for him but she knew that they fought too much.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Lions can often symbolise person whom we fear (like we might fear a lion). That fear can be linked to real violence and the dream is about you literally fearing for your own life. In such cases the lion represents this persons temper and violence.

Quite often that fear is much more complicated. If we really do not want to see someone, like an ex who we loathe, then the lion can repres ent that fear.

Notice how the dream mirrors reality. In real life the dreamer feared meeting her ex, whilst in the dream she fears the lion. She knows that she has to stand her ground and not run, whilst in real life she would have to see her ex whatever her fears were.Really the dream captures this exact thought "I will have to meet my ex tomorrow. I cannot back out of it."

Notice how the lions leave without biting. That mirrors the dreamer knowing that her ex would not hurt her physically.

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