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A feeling of belonging - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was at a church in a small village outside my home town. My granddad was being buried. I was suddenly realizing that he had a perfect right to be buried there. He could trace his ancestry back years.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been using a local library. He had been worried that he had been abusing the facilities. Yet just recently he had made local a history book. This had been well received. This more than made up for ways in which he had been abusing the facilities.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often dwell on recent problems and dilemmas. This dream clearly concentrates on a feeling of 'belonging'. Its meaning is easy to decipher in real life because there was an issue involving 'belonging'.

In real life the dreamer had been feeling guilty - he felt he was abusing his local library. Yet he realized that writing a local history book more than made up for his abuses. He clearly had a 'right' to be there.

The dream features a completely different story yet essentially the same sets of emotions are repeated. The fact that the dream takes place in a village tends to concentrate on the dreamers perception of the library. A village has a close knit community. In real life the dreamer felt that a village community was somewhat similar to the library community - it was a community where every last action was focused upon.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
RIGHT TO BE THERE : "The dreamer realized that he had a right to be at his local library for long periods because of the history books he had written."
VILLAGE : "The library community was very much like a village community - everyone was watching everything and had an opinion about everything"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I worry that I am abusing the library just turning up all the time. Yet now I come to think of it. I did write a local history book."

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