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Hiding embarrassing habits dream

THE DREAM I was in this kitchen near to where my mum and dad live (osgodby cresent). I knew I was intruding but I was just using the kitchen. I was trying to find which house it was and use it again. Then there was something about hiding evidence of something embarrassing (The dreamer was looking after a friends house at the time and did this "embarrassing thing" in real life and had been thinking how he could hide evidence of this before his friend came back).

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been looking after a friends house for several months. Soon this friend would be back and he would have to give it up. During his stay there he had developed some "bad habits" that he would not want his friend to know about. Before his friend came back he decided to clear up any evidence of these "bad habits".

DREAM ANALYSIS: In the dream there was one very clear association with real life. The dreamer had been thinking how he needed to clear up any evidence of some of his bad habits. He had been looking after a friends house and developed some bad habits. The dream seems to replay this thought exactly "My friend is coming back and I will have to hide evidence of any bad habits that I have had whilst living in his house or it may offend him."

Certainly this dream seems to link to this issue but what can we make of the symbols?

The dreamer felt like an "intruder" in this house. In real life he was looking after someone elses house. An "intruder" definitely has some relevance here. If you are living in someone else's house then you are always a guest who needs to act like a guest. They make the rules and you have to abide by them. Their house, their rules! Even an honoured guest is an intruder in some ways. They can never make themselves entirely at home.

The dreamer was living in his friends house and so was largely making up his own rule. Yet his friend would soon return. The dream seems to have caught this feeling "I have been living in my friends house and been developing some bad habits which might offend him. I will be careful try to hide any evidence of these bad habits."

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