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Dream - caught by the police

THE DREAM - I have had lots of dreams where I have been caught smoking pot. I was caught in my house with police. I sneak out of the back but my girlfriend gets handcuffed. Later I get caught and I feel the cops firm hand on my shoulder. Later the police go to the toilet with me and check I am not passing drugs through.

THE REALITY The dreamer had given up smoking pot. His ex had reported him for smoking and now he has to pass drugs tests regularly to prove he is a fit father. The dreamers son meant everything to him and he would do anything for him.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was very fearful because of these dreams. Yet he had nothing to worry about as he was not smoking pot.

This dream is probably a reminder that the dreamer needs to watch his step. The dream reminds the dreamer of the consequences of going off the rails and getting caught. However, the dream probably has more to do with a thought like this "I need to watch my step as my ex will do anything to blacken my name. I do not want to lose contact with my son. She reported me for drug use so now I have quit smoking pot. I will not take any risks."

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