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Dream - forgotten false teeth

THE DREAM - I could not find (or had lost) the cup I keep my false teeth in.

THE REALITY The dreamer was going into hospital in a couple of days and was trying to get things togetd her. She was trying to think what would be needed and what she should take.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamers mind was focused on going into hospital in a couple of days. In the dream she has lost the cup which she keeps her false teeth in. This was, of course not true in fact, as it was still in her bathroom. However, if she had gone to hospital then she would be in similar situation, she would be looking for the cup and would not have it when needed.

The dream picks on the type of item which she might easily forget. The dream is focusing on the following type of thought "I need to think of those little items which I might need which are not obvious. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going into hospital and I am trying to think what I will need. I am trying to think of the less obvious things, like a cup to keep my false teeth in."

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