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Take toys from a child - dream analysis

THE DREAM - (The following dream was taken from history books and depicts a Roman woman who was persecuted for her Christian beliefs. She had this dream before she was due to be fed to the lions the next day in the arena) I dreamt I saw a beautiful bronze ladder, extending all the way to heaven. People were climbing the ladder but under it was a demonic serpent. The serpent was attacking the climbers hoping to frighten them from making the ascent. I said "in the name of Jesus Christ, the serpent will not harm me" then I awoke knowing that it would not be beasts that I would fight in the arena but the devil. And I knew that I would be victorious.

BACKGROUND INFO This dream was taken from Perpetua, a Roman woman persecuted for her Christian beliefs. She was sentenced to die in the arena for her beliefs. The lion though would not go near her so a gladiator was sent to kill her. He hesitated and so she grabbed the sword from him and proceeded to kill herself.

The dream portrays her thoughts about the execution. The demonic serpent was a symbol of her religious beliefs. She was in a battle with Satan not lions. So the dream was about her wish to stand up for her beliefs. Ascending the ladder to heaven was a symbol for her acceptance of her own death. But she was determined to die in the way she wanted as a martyr for her religion.

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