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Brother dream

The dreamers brother had just moved out so any dream she had was likely to be about her emotions towards this change.

DREAM - my brother my mom was taking me to a store, we got there I said mom I want to see my brother. she said OK. and she left me

I started walking down this road. and my sisters too. I looked down the road and saw someone was getting the mail.

I walked up to him and said hello. he turned around and it was my brother. he said hi. he took me and my sister to this barn. he opened the door me and my sisters went in we talked for some time then I heard the door open I saw my dog come in I was so happy!

This dream was posted on on the January 31, 2012, 18:02 by Cathleen. It was viewed 55 times


OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams capture big changes in your life. They capture your emotions to these changes. You have been used to having your brother around all your life.

Dreams capture different emotions and this dream captures two feelings...

Firstly it captures this feeling ... "I have my brother around all my life. I have been used to him being there. Now I fear that he drift away from me."

Secondly, you are starting to adjust to your new relationship... so you are starting to realise when and where you will see him. You possibly thinking its not so bad as you first thought.

So you have perhaps been thinking the worst but now you have started to get used to the new situation.

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