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Nail hanging off in pain - Precognitive dream

If dreams are premonitions then they can come true very quickly. This dream seems to tap into some particularly difficult events which occurred immediately.

THE DREAM - The nail on my thumb was coming off. I was screaming in pain "ahh" and "urrg". Aled from work was with me and he was saying "just pull it off. It will be OK. It happened to me. It'll be fine".

THE REALITY That very day just twenty minutes after waking up the dreamer was really irritated by some people trying to plug a CD they had made. The dreamer was a radio DJ and was constantly harassed by bands trying to push their records. Most of these were complete "no hoper's". The dreamer was annoyed with himself for being rude with them and felt he had maybe not given them a fair chance. He started his radio show with a 40 minute rant about the two guys who had tried to plug their record. He is never at his best in the morning and prone to irritation. Aled, his producer, was less charitable and told him to forget about it.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be premonitions of emotions that are about to occur. If something really significant happens the next day then see if the dream could be a premonition. This dream certainly could be one. It features the self same set of emotions. The dreamer felt annoyance and irritation with the two men trying to plug their CD. He was personally irritated by the broken nail. It was a metaphor for his emotions.

The dream also features the dreamers work colleague who listened to his 40 minute rant. Aled was trying his best to calm the dreamer down. He was behaving in similar way in the dream. So the dream seems to have caught the dreamers emotions as he was personally irritated the next day and also the reaction of Aled to the incident.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NAIL BROKEN: "I was personally very irritated by those two guys trying to plug their CD"
ALED: "Aled was particularly strident in trying to calm the dreamer down both in the dream and in reality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - ""

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