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Premonition of movie sequel

THE DREAM It was late 1991. I had this very real and incredibly detailed dream. I'm walking through a bright open store. I walk down an aisle that is full of video rentals. But instead of the VHS boxes the shelves have plastic sleeves with the front to f the VHS box cut out and slipped in the plastic sleeve. And the back of the VHS box is cut out and slipped in behind the front cover so you can see the title and flip up the plastic sleeve to read about the movie on the back. I turn down an aisle and walk up to a title called Pet Semetary Two. I flip up the plastic sleeve to read the back. I notice a picture of a boy carrying a dead dog and another boy carrying a shovel. I read the description and it says something like "Edward Furlong stars in the sequel to Stephen Kings terrifying Pet Semetary". I awoke with a really intense feeling about the dream. It was so random but it stuck with me for several days. Just a feeling like what was that dream all about and why did it feel different than most other dreams. I have only ever told two people of this dream.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had watched the original "Pet Semetary" in 1991 against the permission of a friends parent when just eleven years old. It scared him to his "inner core". The film featured Victor Pascow. The sequel came out in 1992 and starred Edward Furlong. So the dreamer dreamt about the sequel two years before it came out. He went to a video store and had this incredible feeling of deja vu as he saw Pet Semetary Two. The plastic cover was as was in the dream and the bright open store was similar to the dream. The two boys with the dead dog and the shovel on the front cover were the same as the dream.

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DREAM ANALYSIS The dream captured a premonition of the moment the dreamer found out about a sequel to a horror film two years before it happened.

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