Family members killed off - premonition dream

This dream could easily be a premonition of the dreamers father dying just a few days later.

THE DREAM Over a series of nights I had dreams that family members where being killed off one by one. Each night was devoted to one member. The final dream involved the dreamer himself being stabbed to death.

THE REALITY The dreamers father died several days later.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If you dream of death then death happens it will always be interpreted as a premonition. The dreamer initially thought that the final dream meant that he was to die. But it was easy to see how it could refer to any death. The dreamers death was symbolic of the pain that he went through. The anguish of his father dying.

But many times a death in dreams will not represent death. But this is the case with most dream symbols. They will not ever refer to one thing. You can never truly tell if a premonition dream was truly foretelling the future. Even when a remarkable coincidence happens which is just too remarkable not to be precognition. But the same can be said about normal dreams. You can never truly tell what they mean either. The mind keeps its secrets to itself. You can only guess it means one thing or another.

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