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"Death Dream comes true

Prior to this dreamers friend Harry was in good health.

THE DREAM In this dream, the room is dark, many people gathered there. People crying. I feel extreme sadness from them. I see only the silhouettes of the backs of their heads & shoulders as they move about in the foreground. They are gathered around a body lying on a flat surface, like a bed. I can only see his shape with feet toward me. Cannot see his face. I am slightly above everyone, like viewing down from a security camera. The people move to the right and leave the room. For some reason I feel like it's a funeral home. Somehow I know this is Harry. I know he is dead. He is shrouded in darkness. Like a twilight.

I hear (?) ..sense (?) inaudible sounds coming from Harry.. like groaning. Then he speaks to me..

"Charl, (that's his philly accent)

I'm okay. Not in any pain. "


Four or so days later (Oct 31, 2010) I got a phone call from him while he was in the hospital. Said he'd had a possible stroke. Five days later he calls again to let me know it wasn't a stroke, but a brain tumor. Ten months later, with Chemo and many treatments, Harry died at 4am last weekend in a rehab centre with family and friends gathered around him.

Today is his Memorial.

Was this a dream or a premonition? It was too graphic. I could not and cannot share this dream with family & friends, for obvious reasons. They'd think I was a whack job.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Prior to this dream, Harry has always been healthy. He's 65 yrs old and we've been intimate friends for over 16 years.

Posted at July 30, 2011, 13:06 by Cher53 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 30, 2011, 13: 6: 08) Well I believe in dreams like this. Somehow you foresaw the illness which would pretty soon engulf your friend.

I once read about the ancient Greek dream interpretor Artemidorus . A man told him that he dreamt that the skies were destroyed. That day the man died.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 1, 2011, 06: 1: 47)

Cher53 (POSTED July 30, 2011, 16: 6: 09) Do you think that person can go back in time / send a message, before their passing to alert loved ones? Not sure I'm asking that right.

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