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Department store - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I am on market street. I see a small department store but it is not in its correct position. It has moved. It is actually just down the road. I go into it and this department store has become a small shop There is a car park there in front(which does not exist in reality) and there seems some major opening... like a door for deliveries. That is where I need to go

THE REALITY The day of this dream the dreamer pulled a muscle in his back and was in bad pain.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The movement of the shop was mimicking the movement of the dreamers body - something is not in the right place. The car park represented the lack of movement that day. The deliveries may symbolise some new set of choices available. And the shop itself had transformed from a department store into a set of three small shops. That represented the reduction in choices available to the dreamer.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR PARK : "life is at a standstill - unable to move due to back pain"
DELIVERIES : "a new set of choices available to you "
DEPARTMENT STORE : "having lots of options available to you"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this is a premonition of the day of the dream when I injured my back."

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