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Blamed dream

DREAM - blame Some major crime had just taken place. It was some murder. People were being blamed

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The next day the dreamer was going to dinner with someone he had not seen for years. There had been problems in the past and the dreamer blamed the friend. No doubt the friend blamed the dreamer. These problems seemed to have been swept under the carpet. There was still an awkward atmosphere.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The theme in this dream was very relevant to the dreamer. The dream was about "who was to blame" whilst the next day the dream was due to meet someone he had not met for years due to a dispute. There was bound to be a an undercurrent of "I blame him while he blames me."

The dream merely focuses on what is likely to be a difficult atmosphere. We often dream about things which are troubling us, either about the previous day or about things which might go wrong the next day. The meaning of this dream can therefore links to a thought like "I am a bit worried about tomorrow."

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