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Dream symbols - looking after younger brother

THE DREAM I was with my younger brother (he's 9) and I was following him around the house helping me out making sure he brushed his teeth, did his homework etc. So I tell him he has a class at 10 AM on Saturday. He took a shower, but did not use any soap. Normally, if he had done this we (mum, dad or me) would send him back. I just told him, not to take a shower again, and go to class. But then mum comes in and she tells me to take him to the bathroom so he could shower. I told my mum that he had already missed two classes and if missed another he's be kicked out and she looks at me.

I go to the doorway, look at the cupboard and it's full of these different types of soaps, shampoos and hair products which dad had brought from various hotels. This happened in an apartment I had lived in like 3 years ago.

THE REALITY Many issues can be caused by day to day arguments. This is typical as something happened the night before involving the dreamer , her mother and her brother. So this is in some way safely linked to that. We just need to understand the symbolism. So many dreams do link to the day before. So if something big happens such as an argument you can usually expect a dream.

In real life her brother is annoying(typical 9 year old) and tends to drive both the dreamer and her mother crazy. The dreamer is responsible for helping him with his homework(partly because when her mother helps she gets driven crazy). The night before the dreamer told her brother that she would not help him because he has done that type of work before and was capable of doing it. He just wanted help because he wanted his sister to do the work for him. Later things got heated and the dreamers mother blamed the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream seems clearly linked to this incident the night before over the homework. It kind of mimics what happened - that is typical of dreams. In the dream the brother clearly does something wrong and it deals with the reaction. The dreamer in the real life incident was trying to be responsible. She was trying to show concern for her brother. She clearly saw that he was trying to get her to do the homework. She wanted to make it clear that he had to do his own homework. Her primary motive was concern for her brother. She was doing the right thing yet she got the blame off her mother. This is a typical issue to cause a dream. Its the sense of unfairness that the dream captures.

Dream Symbols
BRUSH TEETH : "Just one example of the brothers inability to do things properly"
CLASS : "My brother has go learn to do his homework on his own when he can do it"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was trying to help my brother. He has to learn. I am annoyed at my mother because I was doing the right thing and got blamed. I was taking my responsibility seriously. I did try to make a point to him and teach him a lesson. I was not just been vindictive. I was trying to take my role as teacher (homework supervisor) seriously. Yet this was disregarded by my mother. ".

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