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Saved the place dream

DREAM I was at a club which I used to go to all the time. Rob, the deputy manager was there. I was doing some work there and someone was saying how I had 'saved' the place and how much it meant to me.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was due to visit this club the next day just by chance with someone else. He had fallen out with the people there. Previously he really cared about the place but someone had made it impossible for him to go there any more. He had been devastated and was still very bitter.

THE INTERPRETATION If something is looming in your mind about the next day then its clearly possible that you could dream about it. In this case the dreamer was due to go to a club where he used to visit regularly. This had been really important to him. However, he had now stopped going - he was only going the next day to meet someone. He was not going inside but was just going to meet that person outside.

In real life this place had meant so much to the dreamer. It was not the same place as in the dream - it was just a club. But that is how dreams work. The dream captures the essential feelings inside the dreamer - a place that obviously meant so much. In the dream the dreamer is said to have saved the club - which was a symbol for this key feeling. If you save something it can obviously mean that you care about it. This dream was more emotional than anything - it merely captured the dreamers feelings of loss at not going to this club any more.

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