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Dream - steep steps

THE DREAM - I was in Newcastle and walking down these insanely steep steps. I am scared of heights and these steps were really steep enough to scare me (and I was scared all the way down). I could quite easily fall. But it did not seem so bad because I had the railings to hold onto. I was moving very slowly and just taking it very cautiously. At one point I had to cross over to the other side of the path letting go of the rails in the process. There were these girls dressed up like for a night out. They were wearing high heels. I later had more problems with the railing. The rail was broken in one place so I had to let go and walk without help of the rail.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was due to go out with a girl. He had not had a date for a long time and this was seeming very much like a date. The girl was much younger than himself. He was very fearful about entering a relationship but he did not mind being friends. Fortunately this girl had seemed happy to take things slowly and they did get along very well so it was not so fearful for him.

THE INTERPRETATION dreams use metaphors which compare one situation to another. In this case the dreamer was scared of heights and so this fear captures this feeling and uses it as a metaphor for his own life. Its often easy to interpret such dreams as you just have to see where a similar emotion appears in real life. The dreamer was due to go on something which seemed suspiciously like a date which was scaring the life out of him. The continuous fear of heights captured an similar anxiety towards this date.

The dream does feature something which really scars the dreamer but also features moments which make the dream less scary. The steps were steep and difficult but they did have a guide rail. This dream therefore captures a complex set of feelings. It captures a continuous fear but also hints at some things which were making things easier. In this case the dreamer was scared by going on what seemed like a date but this was not seeming so bad because the girl was taking things slowly and they did get along with each other very well. She would not push him into doing something that he did not want to do.

Overall the dream captures this exact feeling - "I am going on what seems very much like a date and it scares me. I do like her but she is a lot younger than me and I am just not used to going on dates any more. She is quite happy to be just friends though and we are taking things very slowly."

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