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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In this dream I was in underground cave systems that were being used as shelter following a disaster of some kind in the city I lived in. Life was normal in that the characters behaved as they usually would even though the setting in underground caves was unusual. Their goal was to get the still operational cars working and they were displaying the vanity of "petrol heads" over it, even though they were dealing with wrecks.

My husband, my son and an old friend of my husbands were there and the conversation's were focused on the plus and minus features of the cars. "One up man ship" was the underlying dynamic of the conversation. That was part one.

There was a part of the dream where I was out walking with my dog and another lady was there with hers. The dogs were very primped and unnatural looking but clearly bred to be like accessories. They were beautiful and but to my eyes unnaturally thin and I felt an anxiety for their well-being. In the dream they seemed have been bred that way with fluffy poodle hair in subtle mushroom pink shades and I noted they behaved like normal dogs.

As the dream moved on I saw my son struggling on his own with my parents old Morris Minor. In real life it had been mine and I gave it to my parents who eventually sold it after 15 years of service for three times the price I had paid for it easily 20 years earlier. I recalled it had starter motor problems and I had purchased one second hand in the early days of having the car just in case I needed one in the future.

In the dream I found it and holding it in my hands offered it to my son saying these old cars can be more reliable than the modern ones. This starter motor will probably work even though it has not been used for years. In the dream it did start so my son was able to join the petrol head conversation on equal terms with his father and his friend.

In the dream I was somewhat detached from the characters and didn't have a natural place in this context. I was looking for a place where I could fit into the dream story.

I saw a man I knew. In real life we didn't like each other, he was a paraplegic I nursed. In this dream he was walking and jubilant. As the dream closed he was so glad to show me the soles of his knarled feet distorted by multiple operations yet calloused as proof he had been walking on them successfully. His treatment had overcome his paraplegia. The dream ended me closely studying the detail of the souls of his feet.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Three issues have been on my mind.

ONE: In my real life I am trying new things that have been causing me great anxiety. The anxiety I have suffered has been so crippling I simply could not think about or contemplate doing these tasks.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough. I took on some paperwork I have been trying to face on a daily basis for more than 5 month's. I had no anxiety and felt a sense of accomplishment when I had done it.

TWO: My husband came home from work yesterday excited about Youtube footage done by a man starting fires with steel and flint. He spent most of the evening trying to start a fire using newspaper he cut with his pocket knife. He did not succeed but his enthusiasm for the task was just like that of a little boy with a new toy.

With his failure on his mind he sat down to watching Man Verse Wild last night and was so amazed to see Bear Gryls effort to light a fire in the pouring rain fail. The reason he watched the show was because he wanted to see him light a fire in the rain and it didn't happen.

THREE: My son has been struggling with hard life and work issues I cannot help him with. I feel they need a man on man approach and so I have stepped back even though I would like to help. I was wondering if his exposure to my dad while he was alive would be enough.

As my son was growing up I made sure he had a lot of time with my father because dad’s wisdom was hard won and practical. That’s what I was thinking about yesterday. My dad survived a tough and deprived childhood that made him choose a life of principal as his father ran away from home leaving his mother without financial support for the 9 children she had.

This dream seems to link these three issues that have been on my mind.

Posted at August 6, 2012, 18:01 by iceberg rose (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 7, 2012, 04: 2: 01)
Hi Diane

Of course its your dream so you know best about its meaning.

I will tell you what the dream made me think of. I am from the British Isles and so right now we are in the middle of hosting the Olympic games. The petrol heads reminded me of top athletes who are trying desperately to get one last bit of performance. Then there is a paraplegic - someone who in the dream is not able to do things but when he can manage to do something he feels so much better for it.

I think the dream is about people doing as well as they can in life. Its about them becoming motivated and inspired by performing to their best. Its maybe about people being inspired by top performers and applying the lessons to their own life.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I suppose it does not matter.

I do not believe that we have dreams about three issues together. But that does not mean that this dream is not about what you say it is. Somehow some theme is relevant to all three of these issues you mention.

- you managing to do something that you had struggled with

- your husband being inspired and enthused

- your sons need for a role model

I am sure this disabled paraplegic could represent ordinary people - people unable to do things at the very best level but satisfied by doing their own best

Iceberg Rose (POSTED August 7, 2012, 20: 2: 34)
Hi Unclesirbobby,

I liked this part your wrote

"I think the dream is about people doing as well as they can in life. Its about them becoming motivated and inspired by performing to their best. Its maybe about people being inspired by top performers and applying the lessons to their own life."

I have not really been watching the olympics but have heard the news reports. I have been annoyed by the reports we are getting here and the focus on Gold. I am more interested in good sportmanship and feel the winners are those best on the day as they are all well prepared.

I am in a lot of pain when I try to exercise and have been working hard to try and restore my fitness. My success has been very limited and I am facing the reality that I may not be able to walk as well or as far as I felt I could expect to be able to. I am interested in how ordinary people do well when they face adversity. I am wondering how people with really challenging adversities overcome them and find resilience when the odds are against them.

There are parallels with athletes to this issue - its a question of degree. The paraplegic in my dream had a progressive paralysis caused by infection and I find my back pain and mobility setbacks reminds me of him.

I have lost weight but its been really hard and I seem to have plateaued so I have not progressed as I had hoped. I was up to 10km walking a week after a long introduction and my back gave out about a week ago so I am back to about three km per week max and suffer a lot of post exercise pain. Its very frustrating.

I guess I am also wondering how to manage progressive disease and increasing immobility. I am feeling I may be facing this reality.

Thanks for your feedback.

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