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Police Station dream

THE DREAM I am crossing the road towards the police station. I am worried that a driver is coming straight towards me. He is in a heavy truck and if it ran over me then I would be totally squashed. But all the fears were in my head as the van just goes straight by me. I remember thinking in the dream that my fears were exaggerated as the driver would have had to veer off the road onto the pavement to hit me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was facing a works assessment the next day. This was something that occasionally happened. During the night the dreamer started to worry about this and the next dream was linked to these worries.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are about the thoughts in our heads. Often if we wake up in the middle of the night then we may have dreams about thoughts on our minds during that time period. In this case the dreamer was worried about a works assessment the next day. The van symbolised the extreme importance of this assessment. But the van does not hit him and indeed the dreamers admits that his fears of being hit by the van were exaggerated. Why should the van hit him as the van was on the road and would have had to veer off onto the pavement. This then shows that the works assessment was something that the dreamer was worrying unnecessarily about.

Vans can often symbolise serious and important issues in our minds. The police probably represent the need to follow the rules at work.

Its a fair assumption to make that the dream does link with this subject as the most immediate and recognizable fear at that moment was related to the works assessment. Dreams will often represent these immediate fears and the dream does seem to capture the dreamers exact emotions at that moment that "I am facing an assessment tomorrow and I am very worried about it for some strange reason. I have no real reason to fear this though".

Symbolic Meanings
POLICE : "people in control who make the rules"
RUN OVER : "a fear that the works assessor will make some serious criticisms"
VAN : "a very serious and important issue - taking something very seriously - in this case the assessment at work"

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