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Wandering around hotel - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am staying in a high-rise very luxurious and modern hotel of glass and steel, but I am wandering around the lobby as I can not remember my room number, nor, which floor the room is on. But I eventually choose a floor - in the latest version of the dream it is the 17th floor (in the previous version, it was the 5th), when I find myself at the elevators. There are always several elevators and they are very large steel ones, but they do not all stop on all the floors, and it is rather tricky for me to work out which lift I would have to take to my floor. The doors of the elevators also open and close so rapidly that one has to jump in and out, which causes me quite a problem as I am carrying two very heavy shopping bags. The problem results in me riding up and down for some time, but, finally, I am in the right elevator and going up to my floor , but I have no time to get out when we reach the 17th, and so I have to go to the top floor which, when the elevator opens, I see is actually the roof of the building. Again, I have no time to get out, so down I go again, back to the lobby, to start wandering around again. And then I wake up.

THE REALITY The dreamer made her own interpretation on this recurring dream. She stated that she was not getting "where she wanted to be". She was rather in limbo. She needed some encouragement.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer felt that this dream linked to her lack of confidence and wish for greater encouragement from those around her. How can we deduce this from this dream?

Firstly the dream is about a skyscraper. Often thats a symbol for confidence, and with that lack of confidence. The height of the building is a metaphor for her wanting to achieve at a higher level, she wants to hit the heights.

The dreamer seems to be wandering around not knowing where she is going. That's a simple metaphor linking to feelings like "I am not clear in my goals" and "I feel I am wandering around (not knowing where I am going in life)."

What of the hotel? What symbolic meaning could that hold? In a hotel people do everything for you. Maybe that's a symbol for her wanting help and support from others.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not feel like I am getting the support I wish for. I need some encouragement from people around me to help build my confidence."

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