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Dream - friends scared to kill cobra and viper snake

THE DREAM - I was with some friends I couldn't recognise. we were in some place that looks like a farm. We were surrounded by snakes like cobras and vipers. All my friends were scared to kill them but I took up courage and attacked killing like five of them. I hit them on their heads with my belt head.

THE REALITY The dreamer was wanting to start a business. Yet several of his friends had been trying to discourage him. The dreamer was really wanting to move forward despite these warnings.

THE INTERPRETATION Many people point out that dreams link to our deepest feelings. If that is so then try writing down some of these. Many dreams do in fact link to new thoughts and feelings. They capture key emotions or insights. In real life this dreamer mentioned how he was wanting to start up a new business. He was being discouraged by some friends. Yet he did not care and wanted to go ahead with his new venture. In fact if you study this dream it exactly portrays this very thought.

The courage he shows symbolizes his present state of mind. He is aware of the dangers of setting up a new business since he is tackling snakes. Yet he is up for the challenge. This just really portrays his present state of mind. The fear that the others show symbolizes his friends who were trying to discourage him. It was simply portraying their own fears for his business venture.

Symbolic Meanings
COURAGE : The dreamer was really wanting to ignore warnings and just take up the challenge of a new business
KILL SNAKES : Tackle the problems and take up the challenge of a new business
SNAKES : Problems with starting a new business - pointed out by the dreamers friends

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to start up a new business. Some friends keep pointing out the problems right now yet I will not be discouraged. ".

See how the Symbolic meaning portray the dreamers state of mind towards a new business venture and his attitude towards those who were discouraging him

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