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Feeling the pressure - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I was walking past this supermarket and thought that I might give it a try. I went in and the entrance was more like a corridor. People were walking in lines. I was on this top line. I found that there was this bridge yet it did not extend the whole way across. Suddenly I had pressure from people behind me to carry on. It was like a conveyor belt. I had to get over this gap. I was trying to grab onto something to help me over it but I then was stuck and suspended. I was about to fall. I then fell but woke before I hit the ground.

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling very paranoiac at the time. He was getting welfare because he suffered from schizophrenia. But he had recently received a form to fill in again. He feared losing this disability payment. The day before he had tried walking into a new Walmarts supermarket but was suffering extreme anxiety. He was thinking to himself "how do I prove I am so mentally ill".

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was obviously worried about disability welfare payments. The dream seems to recreate a nightmare visit to the new supermarket. This recreates the dreamers emotions, as he feels like he is in a nightmare. The dream seems to capture this type of feeling "I had a real panic and felt massive paranoia yesterday."

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