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Dream symbols - surgeon operating on penis

THE DREAM I was in a barn. I was staying there temporarily. I had left a pile of clothes and odds and ends in a pile with a bag. I asked the farmer if it was OK to stay in the barn. The view was lovely - you could see the town in the far distance with the sunset.

Then I am in a surgeons operating theatre. There is this man operating on my penis. I am thinking what he is going to do. I realize that he will be performing a seriously difficult operation on me. I am not under anaesthetic. He will be doing things on me that will make me cringe. I will have to watch it all.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in a psychiatric home based in the community. He was visiting on a regular basis(almost living there). The next day he was due to have a consultation with a male. Previously he had talked about his problems with women. He felt awkward having to talk to a man.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big is due to happen the next day then certainly this will cause dreams. In this case its easy to see that the dream relates to this.

The dreamer tried making associations with the dream. The lovely view reminded him of his interest in photography. The next day he was due to talk to a new psychiatric nurse about his hobbies(one of which was photography).

The dreamer was coming on a daily basis and almost living there. He felt as if he was imposing himself upon them. He felt uncomfortable asking in the same way as when he asked the farmer to stay. His pile of belonging reminded him of the rucksack he brought daily with a few things to occupy himself and some food to feed himself.

The operation on the penis was performed by a man. This was a mind cringing operation. It is symbolic of the dreamers appointment the next day with a psychiatric nurse. He felt awkward talking to a man about emotional issues.

Dream Symbols
LOVELY VIEW : "The dreamers psychiatric nurse was due to have a talk with him the next day. He was wanting to know what his hobbies were - one of which was photography"
DOCTOR : "The dreamers male psychiatric nurse would talk with him - but in a clinical medical way "
CRINGE: "The dreamer would have to talk about embarrassing subjects which would make him cringe."
PENIS: "The dreamer would have to talk about intimate feelings - having his penis examined by a man was a metaphor for how uncomfortable talking to a male nurse "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I getting a lot of psychiatric help in a community based psychiatric home. So far I have just talked about my problems with females. Tomorrow I will have to talk to a male psychiatric nurse. It will feel strange talking to a male about intimate matters"

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